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Barber's Price List

  • The Barber Basic $35+

    No wash, foil shaver on the neck

  • The Barber Basic Plus $40

    Includes one wash, foil shaver on the neck or you can choose barber basic and razor shave on the neck.

  • Skin Fade $40

    The look is advanced and entails very close hair on the sides & back, with variations of the fade height and style of hair on the top.

  • Royal Cut $45

    Wash before and after,head massage straight razor neck shave

  • Once over hot Shave $37

    Hot towel, with the grain shave,cold towel,post shave lotion

  • The Royal Hot Shave $50

    Like a mini facial and a close shave together. Includes a detoxifying black mask!

  • Beard Trim $18+

    This service includes the outline of the beard, interior beard shaping, cheeks and neck done with a trimmer

  • Royal Beard Trim $28

    Full beard trim cheeks and neck done with straight razor

  • Kids cut $28

    0-9 years

  • Even all over $25

    Same length all over, any deviation from same length all over does not qualify as a buzz cut

  • Men’s colour $55+
  • Colour camo $40+
  • Women’s cuts $55
  • Eyebrows waxing $10
  • Nose waxing $10
  • Cheeks waxing $10
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